Our Lucky Food Week

This was our lucky week in terms of food.We polished off the four remaining nitrate-free hot dogs last night for dinner and even had money in the budget to walk to a local diner (our last remaining evening walk summer to-do spot) for a little treat. I used some vouchers at Tesco to purchase green laundry detergent and all-purpose cleaner (as well as a bottle of wine!), but when I got home I was sure I had at least £10 more lurking around somewhere.

Hmm, what did I buy this week with my food money? Some frozen yogurt and juice? That sure doesn’t add up to £50. But then I found the missing money – I had already stashed £20 in another part of my wallet for our usual dinner out tonight. Yeah! Which means, if I want, I can spend £12 at the farmer’s market on Saturday as long as I’m okay with not having a penny on Sunday. We still have salad greens and Italian sausages hanging around, so we should be okay, but even if I do spend most of that money on farm-fresh eggs and cheese, I’ll probably have at least a little something left over that’s always enough for a box of pasta or a can of beans — and, of course, the eggs!

So the first week, globally, has been a success. I think we lucked out a bit in the sense that I had all this extra lettuce, some leftover hot dogs and that huge pack of orzo, but I’ll take it. Perhaps I’m easing into this Mid-Year’s Resolution. Really, that is FINE with me!

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